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This might just be the most important thing to me. If you have never met me then let me state this right here, right now, on this website that bares my name as well as the name of my father. My life is dedicated to the service of others. 


I started this company as an experiment. An experiment that means so much to me I’m literally dedicating my every single moment to it. Can I build myself a life where I get to do something that makes me happy every single day, in turn filling my energy tank with positive energy, while striving toward of goal of service to others? By doing so, can I create the best possible platform for myself to serve others in the most meaningful and productive ways? In essence, by living my best life, and dedicating it to the service to others, can I make an everlasting positive impression on this world? I believe the answer is yes. 


Join me in living a life of service. It’s as simple as paying attention to your surroundings. Stop and say hello to the homeless person everyone is passing on the street. Sometimes a simple smile and acknowledgement can mean the world to someone. Buy someone flowers for no reason other than to brighten their day. Give to charity, even if it’s only $5. Or join me on my next excursion into the unknown to find those in need of help. Sometimes being in service to others means going completely out of your way, but it can also be a part of our own path. 


Here’s the simple challenge. Make doing a good deed a day a part of your everyday thought process. Making it top of mind is the hard part. Write yourself a reminder and put it on the mirror, your night stand, or keep it inside of your laptop case. If you can actively think about doing a good deed a day, the rest of the challenge will complete itself. 


Give when you can and make someone smile when that’s all you have to give.  


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