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Quality of Life

Quality is a term we use so often in our everyday lives that it sometimes loses its power. But I challenge you to think about that word, “quality.” I promise that every single piece that I create by hand will be of the utmost quality; the best raw materials, sourced for quality and sustainability, monotonous attention to detail, and built not only to withstand the test of time, but made to get better with age. 


However, quality means so much more to me than well-built products. Quality takes an act of being present. When we're truly present in the moment quality becomes the easiest thing to find. Quality conversations, quality relationships, quality service, quality adventure, and above all else, a high quality life. To live our best life we don’t need more, we need quality. 


Quality of Products

We see names on products every day. I’d like to tell you what mine means to me. 


My father was born in 1945, a pre-baby boomer. Growing up he instilled so many old school virtues and beliefs in me. The power of a good, strong handshake. What it means to be a gentleman, not just opening doors for women, but giving respect to everything and everyone around me. And the importance of giving your word. 


I put my name on everything I sell as my personal stamp of approval, my word. I believe in the quality of the product, the materials sourced to make the product, the craftsmanship of the product, the well being of the lives of any person involved in the making of the product, and that there were little to no adverse effects on our  environment as a part of that process. 


We buy from organic and farmer's markets because we care what's in our food, who grew it, and to support our communities. Our dry goods should be the same way.  Buy sustainable. Buy local. Buy artisan. Buy QUALITY.


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