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My Story


The ruggedness of the great Pacific Northwest meets the class & charm of the South.

I was born & raised in Seattle, Wa., spent 6 years living at the beach in Los Angeles, navigated the growing tech-startup scene in Austin, Tx., and now I reside in the city built at the terminus of the 4 great rail lines, north, south, east & west, Atlanta, Ga.

After a lifetime of hand-making my own furniture, clothing & accessories, & taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world, I decided to leave the tech industry & dedicate my life to making high quality goods for the adventurous, while using my talents & proceeds to make the world a better place.

I am passionate about getting off the beaten path, exploring the unknown, & making friends along the way. My travels taught me the importance of quality. Whether walking 500 miles along The Camino de Santiago, trekking into the deep jungles of Vietnam, or diving with sharks off the coast of Colombia, the items you choose to bring with you are vital to the success of your journey. When all you have is your pack, wits, & charm, quality is what matters.

That is why I decided to handmake products for those that dare to wander. Everything I make is meant to be a staple in your life. Something that will be there as you create your own stories & adventures. Every piece is built to age as beautifully as you do. So when you purchase a product handmade by J. James know that you are investing in your own stories, adventures, & future.

I hope to inspire you to travel, but also to treat each day as an adventure. And as I share my stories with you, I hope you’ll share yours with me. Because inspiration breeds inspiration, & I am just as inspired by you.

I love whiskey & tattoos, reading & writing, sharing stories around a campfire, & taking the long way. I believe that destinations are goals & once achieved, new ones must be forged. And if we’re constantly chasing goals then life truly is about the journey. Because no matter where you are in life, you’re on a path, so take the long way, & enjoy every damn minute of it.

Sine Metu, In Omnia Paratus

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