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Handmade Quality Built To Last

The most interesting man in the world does it without a tie, James Bond in a tux.

Amelia Earhart did it in aviator goggles. Frank Sinatra in a tailored suit & fedora.

James Dean did it with rolled up sleeves in a leather jacket. 


They all had their own air of class, charm, & adventure. They blazed their own paths & charted their own territories. Each with their own journey into the unknown. And they all did it in handmade quality they trusted.

Every product I build is designed with adventure in mind. Ruggedness is an obligation & class is a virtue.

Will these materials weather a storm? 

Will that hem hold as it's tossed off a train?

Will those rivets rust in the sea-spray?

Does this product breed confidence?

And most of all, will this product tell it's own stories for generations to come?

All of my products are handmade in Atlanta, Ga. I source materials from around the globe and never make a purchase with profit margins in mind. I make things by hand because I believe in artisan craftsmanship. And I never speed up the process in order to mass produce. 

Quality takes time & commitment, research, trial & error. I offer goods that I am proud to stamp my name on because I am an adventurer, and I have battle tested each and every product that I offer. 

I believe in getting better with age & I specifically design all of my products to age along with you. The more you use them the more beautiful their patinas will become. They are built to resemble you & your adventures & to tell your stories. 

Plainly said, I hand make products you can trust on your adventures.

My products are an investment. They are classic. Staple pieces that will last in your closet. 

By investing in a J. James product you’re investing in every stage of that products’ lifecycle, including the materials & processes I use to make it, from thread to finish. 

Environmental responsibility - Every raw component I start with is crafted with sustainable materials & processes, including organic & recycled materials, low-impact dyes & water-conserving washes.

Social Responsibility - I have chosen to work with partners that ensure fair, safe & clean workplace conditions on a global scale. 95% of the apparel factories are WRAP-certified & all of them comply with Fair Labor Association standards.


- J. James