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Cheers! To Saving The World


I believe that making this world better than we found it is our duty. In large part, I created this company so that I could find my own unique ways to give back. There are so many causes on this planet that need attention. From cleaning the oceans to helping refugees, feeding the homeless and teaching the less fortunate life skills to build themselves a better life. The causes are countless. 


That's why I have chosen to dedicate 10% of everything I have to as many causes as I can. That means 10% of my proceeds, 10% of my products, and 10% of my time. I hope to increase those numbers over time. To find out what I'm currently dedicating my 10% to please follow me on Instagram @JJamesmaker or feel free to reach out via the contact page and ask me!


Additionally, as I am working on programs both in my local community and globally, I'll be sending out a call for volunteers! So please watch out for this if you want to participate. Whether that's helping me here in Atlanta or taking a trip with me to some amazing part of our planet to help those in need, I'll be needing each and every one of you to help make this world a better place! 


EveryONE deserves to be loved, respected, and has the right to feel joy. Join me in making the world a safer, healthier, and happier place!

Cheers! To Saving the World! 


By investing in a J. James product you’re investing in every stage of that products’ lifecycle, including the materials & processes I use to make it, from thread to finish.


Environmental responsibility - The crafting of every item starts with sustainable materials & processes, including organic & recycled materials, low-impact dyes & water-conserving washes.


Social Responsibility - I have chosen to work with partners that ensure fair, safe & clean workplace conditions on a global scale. 95% of the apparel factories are WRAP-certified & all of them comply with Fair Labor Association standards.