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While the idea of adventure needs no explanation, I’d like to tell you why it is so important to me. I believe in adventure as a lifestyle. It’s the way I choose to treat every day and every situation. It requires a positive outlook even in the face of adversity. I post a lot of photos of traveling, the easiest visual portrayal of adventure. And I love traveling and all the adventures and friends that come with it! However, when I choose to live each day as an adventure, I find that the everyday mundane routines become much more exciting, and ultimately lead to a higher quality of life. 

I have many stories to share with you as we venture along this journey together. I sincerely hope that you'll also share yours with me. I am inspired by all the great stories of the world, and in turn hope to create many more to share with all of you. Let's adventure together!

I believe in the mantra that less is more when traveling. That's why I battle test every product that I sell. During the design process I always ask myself, "Would this item make the cut when packing for my own adventures?" If the answer is yes then you better believe it's available for sale in my store or on its way. 


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