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Kissed - Handmade 6 oz. Leather Flask


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To be kissed... that wonderful feeling that makes your head spin, fingers tingle, mouth go numb, and makes you weak in the knees. Come to think of it, sounds a lot like whiskey. 🤔

  • Every flask is one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed for a vintage feel.
  • Iron-branded, high quality veg-tanned leather designed to get better with age. Give it your own patina!
  • Comes with travel carry bag and funnel.
  • Holds 6 oz. of liquid treasure.
  • Built using the highest quality, 0.5 mm, laser-welded, 304 grade stainless steel. 

Flasks speak a universal language no matter where on Earth you are. Always there for you when you need them, and always ready to make a friend. The perfect gift for the world traveler.

Wander Bravely. ⚓️☠️🌴